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Cher (Mom)

Born in June 2018

Cher is a rare Raven Goldendoodle with milk chocolate highlights.  Her momma was a Golden Retriever and pappa was a Chocolate Poodle.  Cher has a golden personality, much like the superstar version of herself.  She is a queen and shines bright when putting on a good show! Like most women, Cher is very detail oriented and will be sure to alert when something isn't quite right.  Cher's genetics place her in the smaller size category for Goldendoodles.

Milton Goldendoodle Puppy

Sonny (Dad)

Born in July 2018

Sonny is our handsome english cream goldendoodle stud.  Sonny's mom is a Golden Retriever and his dad is a Standard Poodle.  He is three weeks younger than his wife Cher.  Sonny is the most awesome laid back happy go lucky dude around. He identifies as a human and can be found in the morning with his back on our bed, legs stretched to the sky.  Sonny's genetics show that he is a regular size Goldendoodle.

Mississauga Goldendoodle

Meet the Parents

Sonny & Cher

Childhood Sweethearts

Country raised

DNA Cleared

Both Sonny and Cher have million dollar temperaments and are amazing with children, babies and other furry friends alike.  They were a pleasure to train and remarkably smart.  Using nothing but kibble they mastered the sit command in about 5 minutes.  Sonny and Cher are completely up to date on all mandatory vaccines and are on preventative treatment for fleas, ticks and mosquito born illnesses.   While most of their puppies will have a goldendoodle face, a few might even look like a golden retriever. We expect half of Chers puppies to be raven or chocolate, and the other half to be anything from red to blonde.

Most excitingly, Sonny and Cher have had their DNA fully screened by Embark DNA and are completely clear of inheritable genetic disease! This includes clearance for 15 common conditions and 156 other genetic disease traits!

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