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Submit an application to be considered for future litters

What you get


  • 1 year health guarantee with option to expand to 2 years
  • Health cleared parents
  • Raised with world renowned Puppy Culture program
  • Veterinary health checked and record
  • Up to date on Vaccinations and Deworming
  • Puppy starter and welcome kit
  • Puppy support
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Handling multiple times per day by family members
  • Intro to Clicker Training
  • Leash introduction
  • Noise Desensitization
  • Top quality TLC Pet Food Discount
  • Pee Pad Training starting at three weeks of age
  • Introduction to various Surfaces
  • Indoor and Outdoor Playtime
  • Weekly baths, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trims to get them ready to be good at the Groomer’s
  • 25% off Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School using promo code SONNYDOODLES

Step 1 - Application

Committed to be be a Goldendoodle parent?


Complete the Application Form  

If we have puppies available or a space on the reservation list, we will contact you within 48 hours to review your application, review deposit requirements and confirm your position on the Reservation List.  


Otherwise, we will contact you when we announce the opening of our next reservation list

or if a puppy or reservation spot becomes available.


Step 2 - Puppy Selection Day

Puppy pick day is an exciting time for our puppy families! 

This occurs at six weeks of age!


For the health and safety of our dogs and puppies, here are the guidelines for the visit:


  1. Families should NOT visit any pet stores, adoption facilities (i.e. Humane Society), or homes with un-vaccinated dogs (or new and not fully vaccinated puppies) prior to their visit with us.

  2. Upon arrival, everyone must remove their shoes and wash their hands before playing with the puppies.

  3. There will be a visiting area set up where you can hold and play with the puppies and watch them interact with one another. If children will be coming, they are encouraged to hold and play with the puppies but must be sitting down when doing so. Under no circumstances may children stand or walk with a puppy. 

  4. After selecting your puppy, the adoption contract will be signed.  You will pay the remaining balance at this time.

  5. We will review with families one-on-one how they can prepare for their new addition, including food, safe toys, crate size, etc. 

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